Stroke Thailand

Stroke, which can be caused by ischemia or hemorrhage, happens when the blood flow to the brain is poor or is blocked. Blood carries oxygen to the brain and because of this disturbance, even for just a few seconds, brain cells die, causing permanent damage and may result to one part of the brain to not function anymore.

Stroke patients can be rehabilitated with supplementary therapies and medicines along with oxygen therapies. However, the results are limited since it can slow down neurodegeneration (loss of function or death of neurons) and it can not recover nerve functions.

Stem cell therapy has made a breakthrough in the field of neurology and stroke therapy. It has been proven to be the most effective treatment for stroke patients, acting as a catalyst in reviving muscular and bladder functions. It has helped the patients to have a wider range of movement and activities. Patients who have experienced stroke and those who are in various stages of degeneration have shown significant positive improvements after receiving stem cell treatments.

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