Face Lift through Stem Cell in Thailand

In the 60's, doctors of Global Stem Cell Network have already begun using fat for augmentation purposes to lifting procedures. However, there was a claim that fat transfers can not be used effectively since fat doesn't have its own blood vessels. Unless there is a high degree of blood vessels that can be grown into the fat, the surgery and its results will not be as successful as it should be.

Face Lift through Stem Cell

Fortunately, stem cells that are harvested from the adispose tissues have the ability to produce all of the factors necessary for vascular growth.

Facial lifting surgeries that doesn't involve any incisions has been featured in FOX News and CNN. It was made possible by injecting stem cells into areas of the face that needs to be enhanced, augmented or lifted using only a needle. These stem cells, harvested from the patient's own fat, will start to revitalize and regenerate facial tissues, making the patient's face to appear refreshed and lifted.

Let us know if you wish to proceed for your face lift using these technique so we can put you in contact with our surgeons who practice this scarring-free method, most of whom will otherwise have a very long waiting list. Aside from having your waist line reduced, since fat will be removed through a mini-lipousuction for harvesting stem cells, imagine how it would feel to wake up and feel like you have turned back time with your new look.

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