Breast Augmentation through Stem Cell in Thailand

Breast augmentation through Stem Cell is one of the most popular plastic surgeries today. Silicone or saline implants are used to modify the size and feel of the patient's breasts. Breast augmentation surgeries still poses risks which can either be short- or long- term. It includes scarring, an increased risk of having breast cancer misdiagnosed as well as negative or sensitive response of the body to the foreign implant in the body.

Stem cell therapy are making a breakthrough with applications in cosmetic and plastic surgery. Stem cells that are harvested from the adipose tissues will be mixed with fat taken from the patient's abdomen, thighs or buttocks area. This will then be used to augment the breasts, allowing the patient to have a bigger size through a much safer procedure.

Stem cell treatments has proven to be a much better procedure than using implants for augmentation with more and more plastic surgeons in the United States, South Korea and Europe preferring this technique. Dr Richard Ellenborgen, a world renowed plastic surgeons listing Hollywood stars as some of his patients, have used stem cell treatments in breast augmentation. Dr Kwan of South Korea have also used the same technique, increasing breast sized up to 2 cup sizes more.

Breast Augmentation through Stem Cell

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