Multiple Sclerosis Thailand

Multiple Sclerosis (SC) is an autoimmune disease, which means that the body's own defense system mistakenly attacks the myelin sheaths of the nerve cells like it was a pathogen. The myelin sheaths are the protective coverings of the nerve cells. When these are damaged (demyelination), nerve impulses are either slowed down or stopped. It will then cause inflammation along any area of the brain, optic nerve and spinal cords. Multiple sclerosis refers to the scars in the white matter of the brain and the spinal cord which is mainly composed of myelin.

Stem cells that have been harvested from the adipose tissues may potentially help in the regeneration of the myelin sheaths (remyelination) of the affected neurons.

Global Stem Cell Network and Adistem Technology have administered stem cell therapies to patients with MS. Physicians who have treated the patients reported that there is increasing positive developments in the patients' conditions particularly in the reduction of nervous system-related attacks that are secondary effects of demyelination of the optic nerves.

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