What are our most common procedures?

The most common procedure for our patients is the Adipose Stem Cell Therapy used for treating; Rheumatoid and Osteo-Arthritis, Anti-aging, Autism,Alzheimer's, Erectile Dysfunction, Autoimmune Boosting, Fat Stem Cell Face Lift and Fat Stem Cell Breast Augmentation. The technique that we use requires a simple mini liposuction at the abdomen. The stem cells will be collected from the fat and activated with Adistem technology using a specialized led light source. We will also take about 50cc of blood form which we will collect PRP. Then the stem cells along with the PRP will be give back to the patient the same day in the OR via intravenous drip. The entire process will require less than 6 hours time.

How long does the average patient need to spend away from home?

THe patient needs to arrive in Bangkok at least one day prior to their surgery to visit our Medical Director and have an opportunity to have and last minute tests run certain circumstances and physical examination. Depending on the health of the individual they can most generally be here a minimun 3 to 5 days. We need one day for pre op procedures, one day for the surgery and then one day for post op.

What are the general over all costs for various procedures?

The Stem call Surgery averages $13K - $20K. This price does not include hotel, airfare and transportation to and from the hospital / clinic.

Is there anything the patient needss to do or know before visiting your clinic?

We do want the patient to fill out one of our intake forms which I will attach a copy for you. Then they need to have some basic test run; CBC , Blood Chemistry, Chest X-ray , EKG

Note: Some of the associoated benefits post surgery; there is a resduction of biomarkers which are associated with aging. Our patients have shown hormones rebalanced , sugar levels well controlled , increased metabolism ( with an average of 5-8 kg weight loss), age spots faded, hair color darken and volume increased. There is also an increase in sexuak desire among all treated, both male and female. Patients reported more restful sleep, better control of blood pressure and improved visual acuity.

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