Erectile Dysfunction Thailand

Eretile dyfunction Thailand can be caused by various issues. It may be psychological or hormonal. It may also be because of poor blood circulation in the genitals.

Based on these issues, treatments for ED at present are usually stimulant- or hormone- based which have various side effects which includes, but not limited to, hypertension, stroke and heart diseases. In the long run, these drugs that gives only short-term remedy to ED are not worth the risks. Erection enhancers, Viagra, Cialis and other medications that promises to cure erection problems has to be taken in higher doses over time to produce the same effect, increasing the health risk of the patient along with it.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center researchers in Los Angeles said "it appears that there seems to be a high number of deaths and serious cardiovascular events that is associated with the use of viagra". They presented an analysis of 1,473 major adverse events that has been reported to the FDA at the American College of Cardiologists. Among the analysis, it was found that 522 people has died, mostly from heart attack.

Recent studies have demonstrated that local administration and intravenous therapy using stem cells are very effective in improving libido and blood circulation. The effects are immediate, on-going and long-term. Autologous stem cell therapy doesn't have any side effects and there is no risk of overdose. In addition, the body does not reject the treatment since the stem cells that has been harvested for the treatment were taken from the same patient's body.

Substantial literature from various research and studies are available to prove these effects. Stem cells that are derived from the adipose tissues are easily harvested and does not violate any moral or ethical issues. This treatment does not use stem cells that are derived from embryos.

The stem cells used for the therapy are harvested that are taken from the patient's abdominal area. It will be returned to the patient through an IV drip after the stem cells have been activated through a specialized light source. Since the stem cells are taken from the patient's body, there is risk of rejection. The healing ability of stem cells can be increased by 100 to 200 times.

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