Autoimmune Boosting effects

Our immune system is our first line of defense against any substances - even from tissues that are normally present. Autoimmune diseases are medical conditions that results when one have an overactive immune response, mistaking some parts of the body as pathogens and attacking it. Simply put, it means that our own body attacks its own cells.

Even these kind of diseases have responded to stem cell therapy, in human and animals alike. These includes, rheumatoid arthritis, miltiple sclerosis, lupus and Type II Diabetes.

Stem cell therapy have shown to revitalize the body and allow deep healing activity in animals with autoimmune disorders. It has healed damage tissues and due to its unique ability of regulating the immune system, it has shut off its pathological response to the body's own cells while preserving its natural ability to ward off diseases and other harmful substances.

Patients who have auto-immune diseases and were treated with stem cell have reported that there is an increase in the body's immunity and resistance to infection. Additional improvement show that there is an increase in the number of T Helper cells after stem cell therapy.

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