Autism in Thailand

Our studies have shown that autistic patients who have been treated through stem cell therapy when they were younger have shown the most significant improvements. Younger patients responds more to the treatment with their families observing these positive changes soon after the first treatment.

This new therapy involves collecting of fat through a mini-liposuction in the abdomen as they are found to be more abundant there that in any other parts of the body. After harvesting the stem cells through the fat, it will be activated through a specialized light source and will be returned to the patient thorugh an IV drip. The whole process will not take more than 6 hours to be completed. The whole process is quick allowing the patient to have the treatment in just one setting.

In Europe, Global Stem Cell Network and Adistem Technology have concluded a clinical trial involving 38 autistic patients, with ages between 5-18 years old. After a short course treatment, 75% of the patients have already been enrolled in a regular school setting. Their focus have improved, as well as emotional contact, with a considerable decrease in the frequency of erratic mood swings.

One of our patient, a son of a physician, spoke to his father for the first time.

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