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Anti - Aging General Use Thailand A face lift can tighten the skin and muscles in your face to give you a much younger appearance, targeting only one sign of aging - sagging skin and wrinkled appearance. This may be a thing of the past now as stem cell treatments are becoming more and more available.

Stem cell treatments have a much deeper effect than just giving anybody a youthful appearance. They have a have a rejuvenating effect on the body, revitilizing the system from the inside out. It can improve the body's resistance and withstand the degenerative diseases that is brought about by aging.

It has been proven that stem cell treatments have helped reverse the effect of aging, reducing the signs and biomarkers of aging and other age-related conditions. Test results shows that hormones are in balance and sugar levels are well within the limits. Metabolic rate increases, minimizing weight gain with an average weight loss of 8.5 kgs. Physical evidence show that age spots have faded and eventually disappear and hair color have appeared to darken with an obvious increase in volume. Both men and women who are under stem cell therapy have seen a boost in sexual desire. Patients have also reported better blood pressure levels and visual acuity as well as peaceful rest and sleep.

This animation describes how stem cells from the patient's

Stem cell treatment involves a mini-liposuction in the abdominal area, allowing us to collect fat where we can harvest the stem cells which will be used for the treatment. After harvesting the stem cells, it will be activated using a specialized light source. We will also need at 50 cc of your blood where we cna collect PRP. Both the PRP and the activated stem cells will be returned back to you in the same day through an IV drip. The whole process, from harvesting to IV drip, will take only at least 6 hours.

The same stem cells that have been harvested from you will enter your body through circulation and will start repairing your tissues and other damaged areas. Results of the treatment will be visible within 5 weeks or so after the treatment.

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