About Us

Global Stem Cell Network is a subsidiary of Regenerative Medical Solutions, a research development and training organization that facilitates breakthrough treatments using adipose stem cells and related therapies.

The Global Stem Cell Network serves as a resourcing agency to get you the therapy you need at an affordable cost. We are the provider organization that has treated more than 2,000 patients, has completed US FDA clinical trials and has met all requirements of the US and EU governing organizations. We hope to connect you to approved practitioners and treatments that have proven benefits that are 100% holistic and naturally derived.

We are a consortium of physicians, researchers, chemists and stem cell biologists that joined forces to set the standard to deliver the most advanced breakthrough results catalyzing an evolution in integrative medical care. Our purpose is to deliver a treatment that is leading the way in advancing stem cell therapy and applications.

Through years of effort and commitment our technologies and techniques have been certified, and established to deliver the best-known results for stem cells at the highest number and greatest viability. Our underlying philosophy is to support the physical body in regeneration, to accelerate healing or cause a reversal in the disease process. We only provide evidenced based therapies.

It is our pleasure to work harder to develop new applications for stem cell therapy. We are excited to serve our friends, family and clients. Stem cells are a gift that truly keeps giving. Healing and even curing are possible when we work in concert with the laws of nature.

We have a certified practitioners and facilities in many countries and will find a way to get you into the Global Stem Cell Network in order to deliver the most affordable, effective and safety leading edge therapies available.

Global Stem Cell Network is headed by an accomplished Medical Director, Dr. Richard DeAndrea, MD, ND.  As an integrative physician who believes in a progressive approach, Dr. DeAndrea serves as a medical advisor to the American Naturopathic Medical Association, the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine, Whole Life Times Magazine and Earth Save International.

Global Stem Cell Network specializes in Adistem stem cell technology and stands behind a history of success stories. After many clinical trials and recorded results we have set the standard in adipose stem cell therapy.

Not only do we provide a network of specialists in Advanced Stem Cell Therapies, we are also the sole distributor of Adistem Advanced Technologies in Asia. Global Stem Cell Network trains doctors and specialists world-wide in Adistem Technologies.

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