Performing Stem Cell Miracles in Thailand

Stem Cells Thailand

Stem cells are a “force of nature” responsible for wound healing, organ growth and repair as well as rejuvenating effects that could be considered the “true” fountain of youth. We will activate and deliver millions of stem cells to enhance healing potential. Increasing your unique cellular potential will be our focus.

About Our Clinic

At "Global Stem Cell Network" our goal is to provide the highest level of patient care and treatment in a relaxing and homely environment. We offer the latest pioneering techniques in adipose stem cell therapy, including stem cell banking and follow-up treatments.

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REGENERATIVE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS (LAB RMS) is leading a re-evolution in medical break through technologies.  Under the direction and partnership with the LABDOM team research and development has certified clinically proven products for application in the clinic, spa and office setting.

Anti-Aging, Regeneration and Longevity are emergent fields in spa, vacation and leisure care, cosmetics and beauty services.  Our team has alchemized a series of techniques, trainings, tools and products that are turn-key trend generators.

LAB RMS is focused on solutions that work and leave a lasting impression and grow by word of mouth evidence.  The stories seem miraculous…the solutions simple.

LAB RMS finds simple ways to use innovative bio-pharmaceuticals that make the body work better. 

The therapeutic agents that we have discovered are well tested through clinical trials.  The evidence was produced under the advisement of University level pharmaceutical direction and approval of tenured scientists with generations of medical experience. All of our products are TMG & GMP certified and pharmaceutical grade.

LABDOM/RMS is focused on “change” that makes the difference on treatments that produce immediate and lasting effects that are an experience in leading edge technologies with a naturally enhanced result.

A future that seems financially and environmentally challenged often accelerates the stressors that lead to degeneration and disease.  We live in a state of altered ease or dis-ease.  Regenerative Medical Solutions is focused on break thorough concepts, technologies and treatments that counter the effects of aging and regenerate life.

A progressive approach to longevity and anti-aging is one that learns and understands that nature of life as a need to thrive…
to change for the best!  It may turn out that the secret to health, beauty and longevity is a “change” in perspective.

A new focus that looks beyond for few have dreamed possible…

LAB RMS Clinic in Bangkok is leading a re-evolution in medical breakthrough technologies from Peptides, Nutrition to Stem Cells. Under the direction and partnership with the parent Swiss company, LABDOM, the LAB RMS Clinic has safe and effective treatments for application in Anti-Aging, Regeneration and Longevity.

We make it possible to look and feel younger easily and naturally. We offer unique solutions to chronic illness. We understand good communication is the first step in wellness.

LAB RMS Clinic finds simple ways to use innovative bio-pharmaceuticals that make the body work better.

Our Clinic Services

Peptide Therapies Tissue Engineering
Ozone Chelation
Detoxification Weight loss
Chiropractic Acupuncture
Biomimetic Hormone Replacement Hyperthermia
Specific Hyperthemia Active Specific Immunotherapy (ASI®)
Live Blood Cell Analysis Bio Resonance Therapy
Vitamin Ifusions Urotherapy
Nutritional Conseling Blood Testing
Activated Blood Therapy Supplementation
Hypnosis NLP
Facial Rejuvenation  

Our Regenerative Therapies can also help fight degenerative conditions such as :

Aging Cancer
Heart disease Allergies
Diabetes Psoriasis
Arthritis Eczema
High cholestrol Asthma
High blood pressure Flu and colds
Gastritis Chronic fatigue
Colitis Prostatis
Alsheimer Acne
Obesity Nephritis
Bronchitis Chronic pain
Crohn's disease Cirrhosis
Dermatitis Emphysema
Enzema Hepatitis
Candidiasis Metabolic syndrome X
Tendonitis Parkinson's disease
Periodontal disease Sinusitis

Body Sculping-Muscle Building-Slimming-Anti-Aging

Treatment (Detox) Price Package
1. Small Chelation 2,500 11,000THB/ 5 Times
2. Chelation 3,500THB 16,000THB/5 Times
3. Megadose Vitamin C 3,500THB 16,000THB/5 Times
4. Super Megadose Vitamin C 3,800THB 17,000THB/5 Times
5. Myer's Cocktail 2,500THB 11,000THB/5 Times
6. Neoamiu 2,500THB 11,000THB/5 Times
7. L-carnitine 2,500THB 11,000THB/5 Times
8. Ozone Therapy 3,500THB 16,000THB/5 Times
9. Activeted blood therapy 55,000THB -
10. Hyperthermia 3,500THB -
* Add on Glutathione 500THB -
Treatment (Beauty , Anti-Aging and Regenerative) Prices Package
11. Anti-aging Peptide (Regenepep) 6,000THB/Injection -
12. Slimming Peptide (Myoslim) N/A 55,000THB/10 Injections
13. Slimming Peptide (Myoslim) N/A 110,000THB/20 Injections
14. Muscle Building Peptide (Myosport) N/A 55,000THB/10 Injections
15. Muscle Building Peptide (Myosport) N/A 110,000THB/20 Injections
16.Myer's Cocktail for beauty 3,500THB 15,000THB/5 Injections
17. Myer's Cocktail for Slimming 3,500THB 15,00THB/5 Injections
18. Face Tightening Therapy 6,000 THB -